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The Center for Statistical Consulting is a not-for-profit center, and the fees paid for statistical consultation directly support the Center's work. The Center works on a recharge basis per hour of support. The recharge rates are as follows: 
  • $80 per hour for UCI affiliates
  • $110 per hour for non-UCI affiliates
These rates apply both to the initial meeting, during which we discuss your project, define the type and scope of statistical work needed, and determine a specific plan of action, and also to all billable hours through the completion of the project. A UCI affiliate is any UC Irvine faculty member, staff, or student. For UCI affiliates, invoices for statistical support are typically charged to a departmental or grant recharge number. Non-UCI affiliates receive a standard invoice at the completion of the project. 

Billable hours

A billable hour refers to time worked on a consulting project that will be charged to a client according to the contractual rate. From a statistical consultant's perspective, as a collaborator in research, the work involved often entails a mix of review of the research for basic understanding of the science or technology, determination of appropriate methodology, programming the analysis, review of the analytical results and reporting results to the client. Rarely do statistical consultants merely 'plug numbers into a computer'.  For a helpful perspective on the role of a statistical collaboration, please read the short, non-technical article from The American Statistical Association's AMSTATNEWS.

Publication and authorship

Statistical consultants will often make material contributions to the research. The consultant will then expect and ask for co-authorship in the published manuscript. Indeed, publication is an important performance metric for The Center. The notion of a material contribution and the expectations of authorship are described by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and the National Institute of Health.


Fees for each workshop is determined by the scope and duration of the workshop as well as the audience size.  See the Announcements page for upcoming workshops.